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CSI Cyber
CSI Cyber

CSI: Cyber is the fourth and the latest show from the CSI franchise. It debuted on CBS on March 4, 2015. The series has been created by Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue. The show is about a team of FBI agents, who specialize in solving cyber crimes. The team is led by the head honcho of the Cyber Crime Division, Avery Ryan, played by Patricia Arquette. Special Agent Ryan holds a PhD in behavioral psychology and is an expert on the crimes of this nature. The show tracks the team as they solve cyber crimes with her highly qualified team.

The show starts with Avery Ryan losing her psychology practice due to a hack into her database. Not only does she lose confidential patient information, but one of her patients is also murdered and she has to close her practice. The culprits are never brought to justice and Ryan decides to never let it happen to anyone else. In the process, she joins the Cyber Crime division of the FBI and starts a ‘hack-for-good’ program. The character is loosely based on Mary Eiken’s life and her career as a cyber-psychologist.

The star of the cast is definitely the lead character, Avery Ryan, played by Patricia Arquette. She is a 2014 Academy award winner, for her supporting role in the movie, Boyhood. CSI: Cyber has to be one of the quickest appearance by an Oscar winner after taking home the topmost acting award.

James Van Der Beek plays the next in command, Elijah Mundo, who is a former US Marine and has recently gone through a divorce. He is a specialist in weaponry and vehicles. He is a hard-core gamer and understands the world of internet and its dangers. Simon Sifter, portrayed by Peter MacNicol, is a smart and fair career FBI agent, in charge of supervising Ryan’s team.

CSI: Cyber is the first CSI to be led by a woman, a refreshing concept that is in tune with our time. The show portrays some of the very real and possible crimes of our time. The concept of the show has an appeal in today’s times and therefore, easier for the audience to connect with. It was not something expected out of the fourth edition of a franchise, and has definitely come as a pleasant surprise for viewers. Then, there is Shad Moss as Brody Nelson. He has been recruited into the team under Ryan’s ‘hack-for-good’ program like Raven Ramirez as they both were former black hat hackers. Hayley Kiyoko has played the part of Raven, who is responsible for social media investigations and understanding cyber trends. Daniel Krumitz, played by Charley Koontz, is the straightforward genius in the group. He is the best white hat hacker in the world.

The series has been in the making for a long time now. Previously, it made an appearance on a special episode of the original CSI. The show does not recreate a new genre. Instead, it is still a police procedural drama like its predecessors, but successfully brings new type of crimes, like corporate hacking, to our notice. It will make us realize how vulnerable we are to the onslaught of the online crimes.

During its first season, the show enjoyed a viewership of up to 10 million per episode. However, the series received only mixed reviews and average ratings from the critics. However, the performances by the star cast managed to get a thumbs up from the audiences. The plot of the show contemporary and it has the franchise name to back it. The last episode of the first season of CSI: Cyber was aired on May 13, 2015 and this is probably the reason that the network has already ordered the next season.  See what you think about this website for getting additional entertainment.